Welcome from Tallinn University

Dear social work educators, researchers, students, social workers, service users and other practitioners contributing to the social work profession,

We are honoured to host the next EASSW 2021 European Conference on Social Work Education in June at Tallinn University’s School of Governance, Law and Society.

2021 has a significant meaning for us in terms of social work education – it marks 30 years of educating social workers to be professionals empowering those in need. We started by learning ourselves from our international colleagues – the what and the how – and we are still learning today, more than ever. This is especially so in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has had a global impact. Social workers have not been unaffected by this pandemic, and this will be true for other crises in the future (environmental, economic, etc.). Therefore, it is crucial to come together and discuss how social work and professional practice can be performed during such times, and also how to prepare social workers to do so. Social work cannot be done alone; it can only be done together.

This conference is a good chance to share good practices, meet old and new colleagues, learn from times of uncertainty and build on these lessons for the future. In the conference, we want to share our good practices; for example, how we educate child protection workers or how we use project-based teaching methods to educate social entrepreneurs. The social entrepreneurship master programme aims to improve entrepreneurship and innovation in traditionally non-profit sectors, such as social services, rural areas and community development. Social services are increasingly co-created within the community, whereby services users play an important role in designing services according to their specific needs. While educating these students, we have turned the educational setting into a creative hub, where students not only participate in academic education but the learning environment also serves as a pre-incubator, enabling spin-offs of the most viable ideas. We are planning a hackathon during the conference to develop innovative ideas on how to educate social workers in these uncertain times. Come and be part of it!

We welcome you to take part in the conference to debate the challenges, opportunities, and innovative approaches and practices in social work education.


On behalf of our team,

Karmen Toros

Professor of Social Work, the Chair of Local Organizing Committee